What Makes A Great Watch…And Investment?

The most basic accessory of both men and women is the watch. It is a dual-use accessory since it also functions as a timer while at the same time it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Most people wear a watch on their left wrist. But why is there this informal rule and how was the habit of the left hand established? Many of you will have maybe wondered? If you observe movies from earlier times, you will see that watches were a pocket accessory. The men had in their jacket pocket a small watch usually fastened with a chain to keep them from slipping away. In World War I, a new fashion was introduced to men. In order to have their hands free in battle and carry their equipment, soldiers were given military-type wristwatches or fitted their own pocket watches to their wrists! In fact, the pilots were one of the first men to wear a watch in their left hand so that they could see the time in flight, since their right hand was busy with the controls and the control panel of the plane. Interesting isn’t it? Perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself or someone you love, maybe you are still wondering what makes a good watch a great investment. You could look at a high quality watch such as A Lange Sohne watch. 

So what makes a watch so expensive?

There are many facets. The most important thing is the time it takes to make an expensive watch. The stereotypical images of old Swiss men creating balancing pulleys in workshops in the Swiss Alps are not far from the truth. If you have ever tried an automatic motion clock on your hand you will surely know that it is not as easy as it seems. People who make these majestic in-house mechanisms could do so with their eyes closed, in the back of a racing car, with nothing more than a pair of sticks. Their time is precious. The weeks, if not the months spent on a single watch raises the bill. However it’s a great way for men to practice self care…buy a watch! 

Technical magic

Of course, there is also the technical magic. It may seem more archaic than Nostradamus’ predictions, but many modern houses tend to R&D technology of an expensive watch. Most high-end watches have a number of patents and have been written in applied physics. They may not be connected to your smartphone, but they are far from any watch.

Rare materials

Rare materials also play an important role in the most expensive watches in the world. Not only gold and platinum, but also advanced military-grade composites, lunar rocks and sapphire crystal cases too. If we are talking about a material that is considered excessive, it is probably part of a watch.

So the possibility is that a watch is in fact a good investment, as long as the watch is made from a respected brand. These watches can be sold later, or passed onto future generations but it will always be a status symbol. 

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