What Commemorative Gems Should You Give to Your Lover for Your Anniversary?

I have often heard of the”Golden Marriage”, “Silver Marriage”, or “Diamond Marriage”. In fact, every anniversary after marriage has different names, different symbolic meanings, and corresponding commemorative gems! How many years have you spent in your marriage? What does it mean? Come and check in!

One Year Anniversary

The first anniversary traditional gift is paper. A paper-printed marriage relationship, the metaphor is initially combined with thin paper, so be careful to protect!

Commemorative gems: Gold or freshwater pearls.

Two Year Anniversary

A gift for the second anniversary of your marriage is cotton. Its meaning is thicker, or to still have temper!

Commemorative gem: “Stone of faith” – Garnet

Three Year Anniversary

The leather anniversary. This is to mark the beginning of a bit of resilience.

Commemorative gem: Pearls

Four Year Anniversary

The silk anniversary. This meaning is to show that your marriage is tight, silky and flexible.

Commemorative gems: Topaz or pink crystal.

Fifth Year Anniversary

The wood anniversary. This gift shows that marriage to each other has been tough.

Commemorative gem: Sapphire

Sixth Year Anniversary

The iron anniversary. This symbolizes that the couple’s feelings are as hard as iron.

Commemorative gem:  “Stone of honesty”- Amethyst.

Seven Year Anniversary

The copper anniversary. Copper has more rust than iron, but is indestructible.

Commemorative gem: Black agate

Eight Year Annivesary

The pottery anniversary. Your marriage is like ceramics, seemingly hard and beautiful, but there are still fragile shortcomings, and must be cared for.

Commemorative gem: Dongling jade or tourmaline.

Nine Year Anniversary

The willow anniversary. Your marriage is like the weeping willow, not afraid of the wind and the rain.

Commemorative gem: “Gem of heaven” – Lapis lazuli

Ten Year Anniversary

The tin anniversary. Your marriage is as sturdy as tin, not easy to fall.

Commemorative gem:Diamonds

Eleventh Year Anniversary

The steel anniversary. Your relationship has proven to be as hard as steel, this life will not change.

Commemorative gemstone: Kallaite.

Twelve Year Anniversary

The chain anniversary. Your marriage is made up like a chain. Of iron and steel.

Commemorative gem: “The king in the jade” – Jadeite

Thirteenth Anniversary

The lace anniversary. Your life and marriage are colorful and diverse.

Commemorative gem: “Stone of wealth”- Citrine

Fourteenth Anniversary

The ivory anniversary. Ivory gets brighter and more beautiful over time, much like your marriage.

Commemorative gem: Opal

Fifteenth Anniversary

The crystal anniversary. Your marriage is as transparent, clear and dazzling as crystal.

Commemorative gem: Shockingly, the gem is Ruby.

Twentieth Anniversary

The porcelain anniversary. It’s been smooth and flawless, but need to be protected, not allowed to fall.

Commemorative gem: Emerald

Twenty-fifth Anniversary

The silver anniversary. Your marriage has permanent value, like silver. It is the first big celebration after marriage. Of course, sterling silver ornaments like sterling silver rings[804] are used to commemorate.

Thirtieth Anniversary

The pearl anniversary. It’s been beautiful and precious.

Commemorative gem: Jade

Thirty-fifth Anniversary

The coral anniversary. It’s blush and precious, outstanding in color.

Commemorative gem: Organic gem coral.

Fortieth Anniversary

The ruby anniversary. The meaning is rare and color eternal,

Commemorative gem: “Love gem” – Ruby

Forty-fifth Anniversary

The sapphire anniversary. This marriage has been precious and splendid, worth cherishing.

Commemorative gem: “Stone of destiny” – Sapphire

Fiftieth Anniversary

The golden anniversary. Your marriage is like gold: Supreme and as strong as gold, lasts forever.

Commemorative gem: Gold

Fifty-fifth Anniversary

The emerald anniversary. Like jade, which is hard to find in life.

Commemorative gem: “Singular stone”- Gold green cat’s eye

Sixtieth Anniversary

The diamond anniversary. This marriage has been rare and with no regrets.

Commemorative gem: Heart ring is the true feelings are always long, and the “King of Gems” – Diamonds – come with them. get name necklace

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