Wellington’s Words to the Wise – A Complete Guide to Serviced Offices


New Zealand is rife with opportunity, so much so, that it was ranked by the World Bank as the easiest country in the world to start a business in in 2017. In addition to this, it was also given the accolade of being the second easiest country globally to ‘do business in generally’ by Forbes. The economy of this South Pacific nation has become one of the most free-market-based economies in the world and one of the least regulated. Coming from a position of being one of the most regulated economies in the OECD, just thirty years ago, this shows the progress that New Zealand has made and the opportunities it can provide your business.

When starting out in New Zealand, serviced offices can be a great option for both new businesses and established businesses looking to expand their operations. If you work from home or ordinarily run your business from another area, having an address in a prestigious New Zealand district can do wonders for your credibility locally. Operating from a well-known, established building in the Wellington CBD for example, paints a positive image of your organisation in the eyes of your clients and business partners.

In this guide, we will show you how you can utilize serviced offices in Wellington to get your operations off to the best possible start in the Kiwi capital.

Choose Experience

If you’re new to serviced offices, it’s advisable to choose a well-established company who has a proven track record in Wellington. By using a company who understands the local business landscape, you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle from the get-go. You will also be guaranteed to be situated in the right part of the city where other similar businesses are located, closer to the opportunities and in an area where the infrastructure is in place to conduct business efficiently.

Servcorp has been serving the New Zealand business community since 1994 and provides serviced office spaces in the heart of the Wellington CBD. For more information on what you can expect from their facilities, visit this link: http://www.servcorp.co.nz/en/serviced-offices/locations/wellington/.

Flexible Terms and Rates

Going serviced allows you to find a space in the ‘Windy City’ that will not only be fully-equipped and ready to go when you arrive but will be within budget too. More traditional office setups often involve long-term lock-in contracts, which offer no flexibility for your business. If you’re having a bad month with clients, you have the option with a serviced office to downgrade or move locations. A traditional setup does not offer that level of flexibility.

Setup Quickly

Furnishing your office space, decorating, installing office equipment, phone lines, hiring staff and so on, all takes time. This is time that you are away from running and growing your business and when you’re in a new city, you need to be out there networking getting familiar with the local climate and clientele.

Serviced offices come complete with IT Maintenance, well-appointed boardrooms and meeting facilities, as well as video conferencing facilities and all of the technology and utilities you would expect of a modern office space. Having all of this set up before you arrive, allows you more time to meet with your clients and develop partnerships in Wellington.

Choose Serviced for Success in Wellington

With so many opportunities opening up for businesses in Wellington, now is the time to start operating in the New Zealand capital. Rather than going in blind and taking unnecessary risks, utilise the experience of established office providers and let them do the legwork for you. Being located in their facilities in the heart of this thriving city, you will be giving you and your organization every chance of success from the start.

Serviced offices allow you to avoid long-term lock-in contracts that can be detrimental to your business in the long-run. With the flexibility that serviced offices bring, you can open an office in the heart of the Wellington CBD with far less risk than with a traditional office set up. Don’t waste time and energy negotiating rigid contracts with no room for change. Instead allow your business to grow, develop and solidify its place in the Wellington business landscape.

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