Wednesday's Thunder Links

– Complete Nike Pro Combat Collection [Friends of the Program]
– Sammy Sosa Addresses Skin Lightening [Midwest Sports Fans]
– Chiefs Waive Larry Johnson [Eat Drink & Sleep Football]
– Shaq, Wife Headed to Divorce [No Guts, No Glory]
– Marbury Apparently Thinks the NBA is Fixed & Stern Should be Replaced [Sharapova’s Thigh]
– Remembering the Vet on Vetrans Day [More Hardball]
– LSU Fail – #1 Defense [Friends of the Program]
– Someone Has a Loogie Issue on Sunday Night Football [Awful Announcing]
-A Different Browns Fan Protest Option [Waiting for Next Year]
– Once Again Baseball is Behind the Times [Rumors and Rants]
– Now That You Mention it, Something About Sammy Sosa’s Face is a Little Off [Tirico Suave]
– 10 Douche bags lash out over Their Love of Ed Hardy [Bro Bible]
– Bing Looking to Put Dent in Google by Completely Pissing Off the General Public [The Sports Hernia]
– Red Sox Jockeying for Halladay? [Fan Nation]
– Matthew Stafford’s Start to His Career is Eerily Similar to Peyton Manning’s [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

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