Vote or Die.


Ok, maybe that is a little harsh.  How about “Vote or I’ll be upset with you and I have high blood pressure so you shouldn’t upset me”?  I think that is just as effective.  Bloguin, our parent blog network, is comemorating their 2nd birthday with their annual Bloguin Awardsand Thunder Treats was lucky enough to be nominated for not one, not two but three awards!  We were nominated for Funniest Blog, Rookie of the Year and Blog of the Year.  It is a real honor to be nominated and although I don’t expect to win, I do expect you to vote.  We have busted our ass to make you laugh, given you eye candy every Wednesday and basically kept you from becoming the nerd everyone who doesn’t read Thunder Treats eventually will become.  All I am asking for is about 2 minutes of your time and in return I will continue to entertain you with my witty “journalism”.  Also, be sure to vote for the other great blogs out there such as, and  Thanks in advance to everyone for voting, if you didn’t vote you belong over at Bleacher Report.  If you don’t know, that was an insult.

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