[Video] Motorist nearly gets crushed by an oncoming jackknifed semi

In the video below, two Russian motorists are somehow spared by a matter of inches as a passing truck jackknifes in their path.  The car, with a dash camera, is following a box truck who abruptly begins to brake.  I assume it is because the oncoming traffic is sideways and coming right for them.  The fellas in the car decide to go around them instead of braking themselves, avoiding sliding on the slippery road.  I would guess that this is dash cam from a Russian Police car…which begs the question, why not turn around to check on the truck and driver and why not write them a ticket for failure to control? Or is that cool in Mother Russia?

It looks to me like the jackknifed truck was trying to pass a snow plow and lost control.  My question is why would you pass a snow plow while there is traffic coming in the opposite direction?  Damn commies.

The video has been up on YouTube since December 14th and has racked up 1.6 million hits.

[youtube id=dcMSTmoNd_0 ]
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