VIDEO: Harrison Okene Found in Air Pocket 60 Hours After His Ship Had Sunk

Harrison Okene, the Nigerian ship cook on a Chevron tugboat, survived when the vessel his was on capsized in heavy swells about 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria.  A diving crew had been assembled to go retrieve what they thought would be the 12 bodies of the crew who lost their life in the accident.  What they found was equal parts astonishing and a miracle.

Harrison Okene survived for three days, 30 meters under water, by drinking Coke in the pitch black room that did not fill up with water.  He said that he had went to use the restroom before the accident happened and became trapped.  While waiting, Okene claims that he could hear the fish eating the bodies of his shipmates.  After 60 hours in a decompression chamber, Harrison Okene was reunited with his family.

Fast forward to the 5:30 mark for the rescue.


Think about how crazy you would go if you were trapped like that in total darkness. Also, think about how freaked out you would be if you were the diver and all of the sudden a person reached out and grabbed your hand while you were on a mission to recover dead bodies! DAMN! Glad this ended well for Harrison. RIP to the rest of the crew.

[Metro via The Big Lead]
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