Top 10 Replacements for George Kokinis

With the recent news of the Cleveland Browns GM firing, Thunder Treats decided to put together a list of the top 10 choices to replace George Kokinis. This list isn’t a compilation of the best choices out there but simply a list of people who we think would do a better job…

10.) Morris Buttermaker
Buttermaker is already an alcoholic, so we don’t have to worry about driving him to drink.

9.) Danny O’Shea
Sure, his big brother Kevin knows a lot more than him, but it’s not in the style of the Browns to make the smart decision.

8.) Rachel Phelps
THE biggest bitch in Cleveland sports history. She lit a fire under the asses of the Indians…maybe she can do it for the Browns?

7.) Radio
Is he mentally challenged? Yes. Does he like football? Yes. Those seem to be 2 common characteristics sought out when Randy Lerner is looking for a GM.

6.) Phil Savage
Sure, we wanted to cut his head off, but it’s not like he could make things worse.

5.) Rush Limbaugh
Maybe if we got a high profile GM people wouldn’t notice just how bad we are?

4.) Tom Cable
Hey Derek Anderson, next time your QB rating is too low Coach Cable is coming to punch your mom, grandma and any other woman in your life.

3.) Al Davis
He loves to make stupid decisions, he would fit in great in Cleveland. If hired, please make sure “AD” patches are ready for the jerseys…its only a matter of time.

2.) Matt Millen
Im pretty sure that Matt Millen can’t suck much more than he has already. Bring him to Cleveland…seriously, what more could he do?

1.) Art Modell
The most hated man in Cleveland. Put him in the same category as Rachel Phelps, but you know what he has? A Super Bowl ring…we have to make sacrifices.

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