Thunder Treats turns 2 years old today!

Two years ago, I was sitting in my room in Las Vegas.  I was trying to come up with a clever, catchy name for a blog I was going to be starting with Jack Potts.  Potts, the ever omnipresent computer nerd, offered up this help:

“Yea, I don’t know how to do that.  Let me know when it’s done.”

When it came to the nuts and bolts of the whole operation, it was me who would sit at the computer for hours teaching myself HTML code to make our then Blogger platform blog better than most.  When it came to ideas for unique posts, it was Potts that I could always count on.  The idea man.  With his visions and my uber-awesome penmanship, we found our groove.  Along the way we picked up Sir Dubz, Z Willy, So Cal Shredder, Chubbs, DiNunzio, Sahli, Louie D and Jeb who have all contributed to the success we have had.  Thankfully, a little over a year ago the Bloguin Network took us in and gave us a facelift to the Thunder Treats you see today and we can’t thank them enough.

Thunder Treats grew by leaps and bounds during our first year, amassing a quarter of a million hits but never did I think we would have a year as we did during year two.  This year with your help, Thunder Treats crossed the 700,000 hit mark.  Thanks to a new network and loyal readers, we almost DOUBLED our traffic!  For that I personally thank you and I look forward to partying with all of you when we hit the 1 million mark.

In closing, I will continue to deliver what I deem “newsworthy” to you.  This has been an exciting year for Thunder Treats and next year looks to exceed the success we have enjoyed thus far.  Thank you again to our contributors and readers, you guys are the foundation that holds up the pillars of Thunder Treats.

Humor. Women. Sports. Awesomeness.

Love, DiLo.

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