Thunder Treats Podcast: Episode 101

Welcome to the 101st edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast. A lot of football was discussed this week as a direct result of a lot of football played in the last week. Good, meaningful football too. None of that Cleveland Browns bullshit. We also covered some MLB topics and MMA. And would you believe we threw in some NBA talk too?! Talk about spreading it on, huh?

  • NFL Playoffs
  • Johnny Manziel and Kellen Winslow Jr.
  • Pass Interference?
  • Oregon v. Florida State
  • Ohio State v. Alabama
  • Ohio State v. Oregon
  • Michigan State v. Baylor
  • Jameis Winston NFL Draft
  • Cavaliers making serious trades
  • Tracy Morgan and Doug Flutie
  • Jon “Bones” Jones loves cocaine
  • RIP Stuart Scott

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