Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 096: Hottest Women of ’96, Browns’ Quarterback Controversy, Hoke & Pelini Unemployed, Winston’s Conduct Hearing, CFB Playoff, The Bieber Curse Is Real & Madonna’s Boobs

Welcome to episode 096 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! Unfortunately, Lydell had to miss this week because he was under the weather, hence the Mr. Yuck sticker. This may be the first time in about 70 episodes that Lydell has missed, so you know he’s hurting. Send him some love on Twitter. Now.

This week’s episode covers mainly NFL and College Football. We sprinkle in a little bit of extra fun at the end and DiNunz starts out with a twist on his top movies of the year.

  • Justin Bieber may have just ended Gronk’s career
  • Rams players disrespect the police
  • Would Chip Kelly go to Florida?
  • Brady Hoke and Bo Pelini are looking for jobs
  • Who’s in the College Football Playoff top 4?
  • Winston’s conduct code hearing is under way and stupid
  • Andre Johnson and JJ Watt are awesome
  • Madonna letting them thangs hang out

Allll that and a bunch of witty commentary. Also, DiNunz decided that instead of ranking movies for 1996, he would rank the women in those movies. He threw out 10 women, I put them in order on the fly. Gotta listen for the full list!

10. Joey Lauren Adams (Bio-Dome)

9. Ashley Judd (A Time To Kill)

8. Pam Anderson (Barb Wire)

7. Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day)

6. Rene Russo (Tin Cup)

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