Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 095: Top 12 Movies Of 1995, The AFC North Is Good, The NFC South Is Not, T.Y. Hilton Gave Us Some Incredible Sound Bites, ODB, College Football Playoff Rankings & The Top 25 NFL WAGs

Podcast! This is especially fantastic because tomorrow is Thanksgiving! NOMS. Therefore, DiNunz has branded this the “Ex-gobble-ganza” episode and we had to start off with one of his favorite holiday songs.

One of the main focuses of this podcast was debating this list of the 25 Hottest Wives in the NFL that was sent to us by @BPeruz3. The list is completely screwed up and we attempt to fix it. It’s a good episode that almost wasn’t! We were able to save the audio after Audacity crashed. So when you’re sitting around the table tomorrow, give thanks to the podcast Gods for letting us deliver this to you.

Covered this week…

  • AFC North is setting records…so is the NFC South
  • T.Y. Hilton had a baby girl and gave awesome sound bites.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t real
  • Rivalry week in College Football
  • The College Football Playoffs
  • BoSox are shelling out the offseason cash
  • Fixing the Top 25 NFL Wives list

And the top 6 movies of 1995 by DiNunz (listen for the full list):

12. 12 Monkeys
11. Clueless
10. Heat
9. Get Shorty
8. Toy Story
7. Kids
6. Dead Presidents

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