Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 093: BROWNS! Derrick Rose Comments, CFB Playoff Rankings, Jameis Point Shaving, Cory Kluber Cy Young & Kim Kardashian’s Dumper

Welcome to the 93rd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast with DiLo, DiNunz and Lydell. We are a day late recording since DiNunz was in Washington D.C. for the Concert of Valor. Merica!

  • Covered in this week’s episode…
  • Cleveland Browns in first place?
  • Derrick Rose saving himself for future meetings
  • Why won’t anyone sign Richie Incognito?
  • The College Football Playoff rankings are irritating
  • Jameis Winston does whatever he wants
  • Cory Kluber and Clayton Kershaw won some new hardware
  • Kim Kardashian should change her last name to Adobe
  • Daniel Tosh absolutely torched ESPN

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