Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 082: College Football Is Back, ESPN And Michael Sam, Sam Bradford, Love In Cleveland, USC’s Josh Shaw, The VMA’s, The Emmys & Urban Dictionary Trivia

Welcome to the 82nd edition of the Thunder Treats! COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK! The NFL is almost back! Things are starting to happen in the sports! It’s about friggin’ time.

DiNunz and Lydell had pretty laid back weekends while I spent my Friday evening with Eminem and Rihanna in Detroit. Also, I got five-yard chucked by some dude at the bar just for grabbing his girlfriends ass! The audacity of some people is staggering!

The Steelers can’t keep their running backs off the pot and the Rams can’t keep their quarterback healthy. We make our college football picks while USC’s captain makes up a huge story as to why he has two high ankle sprains. We also got to see the exceptionally boring Emmy Awards. The only good part of the Emmys was Billy Crystal remembering his good friend, Robin Williams.

And we got to see the God awful MTV Video Music Awards. Never have I ever seen such shit on television. This could be filed under insane anger over mediocre topics.

Those, and more, are our topics for this week which we put on paper and threw into a hat to make sure to jump around. Hopefully you enjoy the new format! Also, we have some fresh new terms for our Urban Dictionary Trivia game!

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