Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 074: DiNunz Takes Georgetown, Spurs & Kings Roll, NFL News, The World Cup & What Sport Could You Play Decent if You Had a Month to Prepare?

Welcome to episode 074 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! DiNunz made Lydell and I rush today, so we are a little scattered. But no worries, we’re still delightfully witty. DiNunz spent the weekend in Washington D.C. where I received the following text.

“I’ve officially let Dees Nutts out in Georgetown DC. I’m the greatest thing since Allen Iverson in this mother f*cker. Owning shit.”

So obviously Tony had a good time, including but not limited to a verbal altercation with a bum.

The Spurs made quick work of the Heat in the NBA Finals and the Kings did the same thing with the Rangers in the NHL Finals. The latter, though the series was won 4-1, was a much more entertaining five games.

Brandon Weeden…yes…that same Brandon Weeden, is taking first team snaps with the Dallas Cowboys. We set the over/under at 5 for amount of actual starts Brandon Weeden has in the rest of his career. What’s your pick? Vince Young is retiring and former Ohio State back up quarterback Kenny Guitton has himself a new gig.

The world lost Tony Gwynn this week and we go over some of his most amazing stats that we’ll probably never see matched again in our lifetime. Also, we said goodbye to former American Top 40 countdown host Casey Kasem and former head coach Chuck Noll. Noll was, and still is, the only NFL head coach to win four Super Bowl’s with one team.

Also, if you had a month to prepare for one of the four major sports, which one do you think you could actually play and not look like a total asshole?

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