Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 073: Stat Girl’s Wedding, NBA & NHL Finals, Bush League Manny Machado, Lonnie Baseball, World Cup Predictions, DeShea Townsend’s House & Tracy Morgan

Welcome to the 73rd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! DiNunz is back with Lydell and I and we start off by discussing the antics that ensued last weekend.  I think Lydell one-upped me.

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs’ series is in full swing now and after “Cramp Gate” it’s tied up at 1-1. The next two games are in Miami and if the Spurs can take at least one of them, they should be making space for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.


The NHL Finals seem to be a bit more easy to predict at this point. The LA Kings have jumped out to a 3-0 lead on the New York Rangers and even though game 4 is in the Big Apple, the Rangers might be dead in the water…or ice. Whatever.

Baltimore Orieoles Manny Machado has been suspended 5 games after he intentionally threw his bat after almost being hit by Oakland A’s Fernando Abad. Abad threw inside to Machado, which had tensions running high after being “tagged too hard” a few days earlier. Machado responded by trying to throw his bat back at the pitcher. It ended with the bat around third base and the benches cleared.

The World Cup starts Thursday and we decide who will win based on having almost absolutely no knowledge. Who you got winning the World Cup?

DiLo – Germany or Brazil
Lydell – Mexico or Spain
DiNunz – Italy or Argentina

Former Pittsburgh Steeler DeShea Townsend had a whole bunch of drugs, guns and money seized from his house. He doesn’t live there and it’s not clear if he was renting it or knew the people who were living there. Also, they seized a chicken.


Tracy Morgan still in critical condition after a bad auto accident over the weekend and RIP to JayAre from Cali Swag District. He was suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia and was admitted to the hospital over the weekend where he fell into cardiac arrest.

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