Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 068: Clippers and Pacers Advance, More Donald Sterling, 40 Seconds on the NHL Playoffs, Adrien Broner and Big Sean is a Big Douche

Welcome to episode 68 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! DiNunz is on his yearly sabbatical to Florida, so we brought in SI himself, LouD43 to fill in for him. Dynamite job, Lou. Oh yea, Lydell was here too.

Both Lydell and Lou are big on the NBA, so we cover quite a bit of the playoffs and Donald Sterling. We also give almost a minute to the NHL playoffs before moving on to boxing.

Adrien Broner made an ass out of himself on Saturday after his fight with Carlos Molina, but for some reason no one is talking about…but we are.

Wes Welker is everyone’s best friend and Naya Rivera is a super-duper dime piece…which is part of the reason Big Sean is the Douche Bag of the Week!

All that and more on this week’s episode! Listen below or you can subscribe to us on iTunes! If the player to the right isn’t working you can go directly to the podcast page! If you’re going to listen  on your iPhone, download the Podcast App and search for our beautiful mugs under Thunder Treats Podcast (duh?). Thanks guys!

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