Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 066: The Most Annoying Commercials, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Brian Williams & Lindsay Lohan

Welcome to episode 66 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We are a few days removed since we did our live Thunder Treats Power Hour last Friday and we are still feeling the effects. In this week’s episode, Lydell manned up and gave us a great topic to discuss. What are your most hated commercials that are on, or have been on, TV?

We each gave our top five followed by a few that just missed the cut. I also gave one posthumously to Billy Mays, who up until his death in 2009, I dreamed of fighting in the squared circle.

We also dabbled a bit in the NBA playoffs and the NHL playoffs, but to be honest with you, when we recorded there was really nothing going on. Slow news day, what are ya gonna do?

We also played the “Gin and Juice” as sung by Brian Williams and wondered whether or not Lindsay Lohan actually had a miscarriage as she claims.

Enjoy this weeks episode and make sure to listen to the Power Hour Podcast. Listen below or you can subscribe to us on iTunes! If the player to the right isn’t working you can go directly to the podcast page! If you’re going to listen  on your iPhone, download the Podcast App and search for our beautiful mugs under Thunder Treats Podcast (duh?). Thanks guys!

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