Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 065: NBA & NHL Playoffs, 49ers Having a Stellar Off Season, Hillsborough Disaster, Boston Strong & Kate Upton Needs Slapped

Welcome to the 65th episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast featuring @DiNunz and @Lydell. The NBA is finally getting some love on the podcast now that the playoffs are getting ready to get underway. Don’t worry if you miss some of the games, they’ll be on until June because the NBA has the worst playoffs in sports. In related news, the NHL playoffs are also getting ready to start and thank God DiNunz is here, otherwise we would be clueless. Also, he has some choice words for Columbus Blue Jacket Fans.

In the NFL, the 49ers are having a tumultuous off season with their star quarterback Colin Kaepernick and stud defensive end Aldon Smith in hot water. Donald Trump wants to buy the Buffalo Bills more than ever and Dinunz thinks it’s a fantastic move. Ulterior motives.

We have two important anniversary’s in the Hillsborough Disaster in Sheffield, England 25 years ago and the Boston Marathon bombing from last year. In Hillsborough, 96 people were killed and over 700 injured as fans crushed each other in an over crowded stadium during a FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest FC.

In other news, Phil Ivey is a cheater and Kate Upton needs slapped in the face for some of the shit she is saying these days. Listen below or you can subscribe to us on iTunes! If the player to the right isn’t working you can go directly to the podcast page! If you’re going to listen  on your iPhone, download the Podcast App and search for our beautiful mugs under Thunder Treats Podcast (duh?). Thanks guys!

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