Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 059: DiNunz & Lydell Are Falling Apart, Bucs Get New Uni’s, The Worm at Weddings, Back to the Future Hoverboard & The Kennedy Boys in a Three Way with Marilyn Monroe

Welcome to the 59th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast. As always, DiNunz and Lydell joined me in studio for this episode. However, we did finally get an intern…who proved to be pretty worthless and uninterested with what we were trying to do. I’ll give him a break since he is only 5 months old.

We begin this episode talking about the happenings in Ohio, which are still complete shit. The weather is taking its toll on the roadways and really testing our driving skills. DiNunz and Lydell are falling apart with Tony taking pills fit for a horse and Lydell gearing up to visit his racist proctologist.

In the NFL, the Browns may be cooling on Johnny Football after they failed to interview him during the combine and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new jerseys to large batch of criticism. Also, we briefly (and I mean briefly) touch on MLB Spring Training starting.

All that and giving stuff up for Lent on this weeks episode! Listen below or you can subscribe to us on iTunes! If the player to the right isn’t working you can go directly to the podcast page! If you’re going to listen  on your iPhone, download the Podcast App and search for our beautiful mugs under Thunder Treats Podcast (duh?). Thanks guys!

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