Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 055: Super Bowl Bets, The Olympics, Lydell Still Being Catfished, 1st Annual Justin Bieber Douche Bag Award, Hatred for Meteorologists & 2gether

Welcome to episode 055 of the Thunder Treats Podcast with myself and the boneheads DiNunz and Lydell. We start off by briefly touching on a rather boring Super Bowl XLVIII and seeing how we did with our bets and prop bets.  We picked games all year and used Jeopardy rules when picking the Super Bowl winners.

The Olympics are gearing up and no one, apparently, told Sochi, Russia. Reports of incomplete hotels and undrinkable water that people are told not to use on their face are starting to pour out (no pun intended) as people arrive.

We also revisit week 3 of Lydell getting catfished and we somehow got on the topic of meteorologists and their predictions. I, admittedly, lost my shit because meteorologists are the bane of my existence. Seriously. I go off. 31:00 mark.

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