Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 050: AKA Ferarri F50! NFL Playoff Picture, Coaches Fired and A Lot of Inaccurate Facts

The 50th episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast is upon us! The A.J. Hawk, Manti Te’o Fiddy Cent episode! We are just shy of our one year anniversary and we keep to our usually broadcast. Laughs and inaccuracies. Seriously, I can’t get names right to save my life. I’m pretty sure I referred to Jim Schwartz as Mike Schwartz and Tim Couch as Eric Couch. Like I’ve always said, facts aren’t our strong point.

DiNunz and I have a challenge for the New Year where if I win, he will have to grow and epic rat tail.  However, if DiNunz win’s the challenge, then I will have to let him be the Hump Day Hottie one week.

Everybody wins, I guess.

Hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas.

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