Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 049: Festivus, The NFL, Phil Robertson, Tila Tequila Sex Tape, Best Christmas Gifts & DiNunz Drunk

Welcome to episode 049 of the Thunder Treats Podcast where Big Monk joined us in studio! Last week, we turned the reigns over to DiNunz and let him host his very own show. His ratings were through the roof, but rather than burn him out by going again, we are going to reserve DiNunz’s greatness for random podcasts throughout 2014.  In this episode we air our greivences in celebration of Festivus, talk a bit about the NFL and go over some other stories in pop culture.

In addition to that, we each talk about Christmas gifts we got back in the day that made us go bat shit crazy on Christmas morning.  Also, DiNunz may have had too many beers and sang on more than one occasion.

Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you very much for listening and sharing with your friends. Hope you guys get everything you want, even though we both know you are all assholes.

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