Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 048: DiNunz Takes Over as Host, This Week in the NFL, Hall of Famers, Mega Millions & Powerball

Welcome to episode 048 of the Thunder Treats Podcast all you beautiful people! Since DiNunz claimed that I sucked last week while hosting my 47th straight show, I told him he could have a crack at hosting since he thought it was so easy. We switched chairs, I gave him the good microphone and headphones, and I let him go for it. He didn’t disappoint, but if you have been listening, you knew what to expect.

He spent a lot of time getting his intro music just how he wanted it (with my editing skills of course) and from there it was pretty much a free for all that included the NFL, our bets, a call to his fiance, pancakes or waffles and a whole bunch of other ramblings that will help you get through your Wednesday!

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