Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 047: Going Through a DUI Checkpoint with Opened Beers, Steelers Fans, Football Recap & Douche Bags

Episode 047 of the Thunder Treats Podcast was a bit everywhere. We started as we usually do (AJ Hawk episode), but after that it was really a free for all. Topics covered include everything from the NFL weekend to College Football and Tila Tequila to Tim Tebow. Also, DiNunz wants to know about the first time you J.O.’d.  Also, Lydell tells a story, as only he can, about the time he went through a DUI checkpoint with an open beer in the car.

Where do the past Heisman winners keep their trophies and what kind of swag are the players getting for the bowl games they are heading to? All of that and more on this week’s edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast.

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