Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 046: The Ohio State Buckeyes (and the Rest of College Football) vs. The SEC

Welcome to episode 046 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! On this week’s episode, we welcome in Dante DeLisio as we talk about ESPN and how they continue, comically, to suck at the teet that is the Southeastern Conference.  Some of the statements made by the big heads at the World Wide Leader have left many of the Ohio State fans, and college football fans in general, scratching their collective heads in astonishment.

Full disclosure, we are all Ohio State fans, but this is an issue that extends past the mothership’s hatred for the Big 10 conference. The fact that this talking heads will have some of the biggest pool in the college football playoff is enough to scare anyone that is a fan of a team outside of the SEC.

In addition to that we go over our weekly picks that has DiLo catching up to Lydell while DiNunz fights to get over .500 with his picks.  RIP to Paul Walker and is DiNunz a Twitter troll? Quite possibly.

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