Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 044: Where Are You Listening From, Big Week in the NFL & DiNunz Tells His Story That No One Wanted to Hear

Welcome to another edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! Last week, something amazing happened.  We’re not entirely sure how this happened, but it happened nonetheless.  As of writing this, we have amasses over 2,500 listens for last weeks episode alone! I can’t find out where you all are listening from and it’s driving me crazy, but I’ll take it. It’s a happy madness.  Thanks for listening!

This weeks episode starts off with just DiLo and DiNunz since Lydell has no idea how to tell time.  At least, that’s our guest.  We go over a hectic week in the NFL and give you our picks for this week.  Hopefully the Stetson University Hatters, our adopted favorite team, can pull out a victory.  Also, since last weeks episode shot over DiNunz’s 200 listen threshold, he tells a story that I guarantee you did not want to hear.

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