Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 043: Big Monk is Back With A New Challenge, NFL picks, DiNunz Tries to Tell a Story that no one wants to hear & a Super Tecmo Bowl Tournament

Welcome to the 43rd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast.  The Lou D 43 episode. The Paul Assenmacher episode. The Brad Daugherty episode. And many more I am sure we didn’t think of! Big Monk joins myself, DiNunz and Lydell in the Thunder Dome as our first live guest.  Unless you count Lydell’s one year old daughter, Amari! We go over our picks from the previous week and talk to Monk a little more about his Twinkie Challenge. Also, him and DiNunz come up with another challenge and Lydell even comes up with one himself.

We cover a whole lot without actually covering a whole lot…if that makes sense? If nothing else, you’ll laugh. Might as well right? What the hell else are you going to do for the next 33 minutes at work? **Note: Adam Sandler’s At A Medium Pace is the song taking you out and it is…in a word…graphic.**

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