Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 037: Bernie Kosar DUI, Fights at Games & Fun Stories from DUI Camp

You read that right…Episode 037 of the Thunder Treats Podcast is up and ready to go!  I have to give a fair warning here.  We did absolutely no preparing for this episode.  We planned it that way, just to see if we could put together a decent episode and I think we suceeded.  So, keep that in mind while listening to the Stephen Strasburg and Deion Sanders (in Baltimore) episode!

Bernie Kosar’s hilarious answers during his DUI and a fight at the Cowboys vs. Chargers game are what leads the NFL stories this week.  Which in turn leave the door open for DiNunz and Lydell to tell some of there favorite DUI camp stories.  Lane Kiffin got fired and we make DiNunz eat his words…literally. A few podcasts ago, he claimed he could tell what color M&M he was eating by taste. I called bullshit and brought a bag this week.

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