Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 035: We’re Back After Our Bye Week with Lots of NFL & Lots of Nostalgia…Buckle Up

We are back with the Thunder Treats Podcast after our very first bye week.  Apologies go out to you, I know you missed us.  DiLo purchased a home and had to take a little time to set up the studio, which I might also add now has room for love seat like DiNunz has been longing for!

A lot of NFL coverage this week as we talk about the top three teams and the bottom three teams after week two. Also we talk a bit about some of the surprises, both good and bad, in the league.  We touch a bit on the the MLB Wild Card race and go over some popular news from College Football.  DiNunz is keeping track of our betting records and Lydell maintains his lead over both of us.

If nostalgia is what you want, then hold on to your ass because we go off topic many times and DiNunz has a great topic for the Nostalgic Sponsor of the Week.  Sad shout out to DiLo’s grandpa Angelo who passed away on Tuesday. A great man and an even better grandfather. He will be missed by all!

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