Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 034: Happy Birfday Lydell and We Now Have a Darling of the Podcast

Welcome to episode 034 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! It’s only fitting that Lydell’s birthday falls on the Bo Jackson episode as they are both beasts.  Since it is Lydell’s birthday, DiNunz and I decided to follow the advice of the one and only Katt Williams when we picked out his well thought out present. The first weekend of college football gave us a bunch of surprises and even gave us a new darling of the Thunder Treats Podcast! This little girl with a big drinking appetite has grabbed ahold of our hearts.

Also, NFL starts this week so we make our picks for the Super Bowl.  Speaking of picks, Lydell went 3-0 with his picks for the first week of college football while DiNunz and I went 2-1.

And of course DiNunz goes nuts with his nostalgic sponsors of the week. Enjoy and share! BIG THANKS to @JoshPridon for our sweet new logo!

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