Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 033: DiNunz is Back, Lamar Odom Loves Crack but We Might be Overreacting After a Tip from a Weed Smoking, Coke Blowing Poker Player, Football, Miley & Our First Female Guest

Welcome to episode 033 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! This episode we welcome back DiNunz after his stint on the 15 day DL! We kick off the show with DiNunzio telling about his bout with kidney stones.  The story is told as only he can tell it, of course.  We go over the drama that is Lamar Odom’s life, but in a twist we find out that we might just be overreacting a little bit.  According to a poker player that played with DiLo and Lydell in college, crack cocaine doesn’t effect black people like it does white people.

SEE? Overreaction across the board.

Other topics included Miley Cyrus doing whatever the hell that was at the VMA’s and football is coming back this weekend!  We even had our very first female join us on the podcast for a short time! I’m pretty sure it was her first podcast too.  You decide.

Enjoy and as always share with your peoples.

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