Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 030: The Dirty Thirty! Harry Caray Intro, Terrelle Pryor Makes Fun of Lydell, No Baseball Talk & DiNunz Does His Best Johnny Football

The Thunder Treats Podcast DIRTY THIRTY! Can you believe that shit? Thanks to you guys we are now listed in the “What’s Hot” category on iTunes for Comedy Podcasts! Movin’ on up!  In this episode I take Dinunz’s advice to heart from last week when he said we needed someone to introduce us.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to go with but at the spur of the moment, I channeled Harry Caray. Whether or not it is a good impression will be up to you.

Also we talked about Johnny Football and DiNunz gave an awesome impression of the young quarterback.  We also talked a bit about Riley Cooper and got views from both DiNunz and Lydell and what he needs to do to be forgiven.  We completely skipped over baseball and Alex Rodriguez because we know you have been inundated with more shit than you care to hear and Lydell reveals that Terrelle Pryor made fun of him.

Also, Michael Beasley arrested again for marijuana because of course Michael Beasley was arrested again for marijuana.

Enjoy and as always share with your peoples.

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