Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 028: Some Baseball Steroid Talk, Lydell Talks About Rock Fights and Getting Jumped into a Gang & Arsonist Amanda Bynes

This weeks episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast is the Adrian Peterson, Marshall Faulk, Warrick Dunn edition.  In other words, the 28th installment.  I ask everyone reading this, if nothing else, make sure to listen at the 18:00 mark for when Lydell talks about watching a friend getting jumped into a gang.  I know it probably wasn’t funny at the time, but DiNunz and myself found it hysterical.  Amanda Bynes continues her slide off the deep end and as always, we smack you in the mouth with nostalgia!  Enjoy and please share! If you really love us, why not give us a good rating and review on iTunes!?

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