Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 027: Mark May is Douche Bag, Jimmy Buffett Concert, Cory Monteith Death, Lydell and DiNunz are Bullies & Skid Row

This week’s episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast has a little something for everyone.  Like, ya know, everyone hates Mark May.  He has been a real douche mouth toward Johnny Football and, as it turns out, a big ass hypocrite.  We also gave our own little version of a recap of the MLB Home Run Derby and, believe it or not, someone actually attempted our Home Run Derby Drinking Game!  In television news, Cory Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room and Jesse and The Rippers are making a comeback this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Also, DiNunz and I discuss what our essentials will be for the Jimmy Buffett concert!

Listen to the whole episode because Lydell and DiNunz team up on DiLo and give him a taste of his own bully medicine.  Maybe, I had it coming. Maybe.

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