Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 024: Blackhawks Win, Scottie Pippen Whoops Ass & So Much Nostalgia Your Head Will Explode

In episode 024 of the Thunder Treats Podcast, Lydell joins DiNunz and myself we dive into some of the big stories that are going on in the world of sports.  Starting out with the Blackhawks bringing Lord Stanley back to Chicago.  Also, another Chicagoan was beating some ass in California.  Scottie Pippen sent a man to the hospital but did the guy deserve it?

Also covered is the size of Aaron Hernandez’s dog house and the hack writer from the Washington Post who claims the Wizards shouldn’t sign John Wall to a max contract because of his new tattoos.  Crazy, right?

More nostalgia than you can handle throughout episode 024…especially at the end when DiNunz and I serenade the audience at the end with a catchy Nickelodeon jingle from our youth. You’ll love it.  Hint: Stick Stickly.

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