Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 032: DiNunz Still Down, RGIII, Aaron Hernandez and Lydell Told a Girl He Was Byron Leftwich at a College Party

This weeks episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast is missing a key part, once again. DiNunz is still laid up with kidney stones the size of golf balls.  While I might be exaggerating, I’m sure that’s what it feels like for DiNunz.  Therefore, Danny Catullo from Catullo Prime Meats joined myself and Lydell and he was awesome, as usual.


Topics today included Michael Vick being named a starter in Philadelphia (duh?) and setting up a great Monday Night Football season opener against the Redskins and RGIII.  Aaron Hernandez has more evidence piling up against him in the 2012 double homicide case and he still hasn’t responded to my letter.  Three kids in Oklahoma decided to kill an innocent runner because they were bored.  Our nostalgic sponsors suffered because of no DiNunz to carry us and some of them brought up rough memories for Lydell.

Enjoy and as always share with your peoples.

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