Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 020: We Suck, Nike and Livestrong Part Ways, Amanda Bynes is Crazy & Ugly Kid Joe

Oh my God do we suck.  Not in the normal, every episode suck way, but in the “hey we just finished up the episode and I accidentally deleted it” sort of way.  Bonehead.  Anyway, this episode we talk a little bit about a lot of stuff.  Livestrong and Nike, women can’t drive, Bieber is a douche, Amanda Bynes is crazy and DiNunz tries to play footsies with me.

Yea. Told you.  We suck.

Anyways, give it a listen because we would be heartbroken if you don’t. Actually, I don’t give a shit. If you don’t want to laugh then you suck.

I hate everything about you.

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