Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 014: Marc Joins Us From Boston With Reactions From This Week, Pat Summerall Passes Away, The NBA Playoffs & Catullo Prime Meats

This weeks episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast kicks off with an interesting interview.  We got a hold of our good friend and member of Thunder Nation, Marc, who lives in Boston a couple miles from where the first bomb went off.  Fortunately, Marc was one of the few who had to work on Monday and was unable to attend the Boston Marathon.  We talked to Marc for about 10 minutes and he gave great insight to the strength of the city and how everyone is coming together.

After talking with Marc, we move on and talk a bit about the NBA playoffs the return of Tracy McGrady.  Also, Danny Catullo from Catullo Prime Meats is in studio and has offered up at promo code for FREE BEEF JERKY from!!  Gotta listen for the promo code!  We aren’t just giving this stuff away (even though technically we are)!  Head to after listening and use your coupon code at the checkout!!

We wrap up with the Douche Bag of the Week and I’m sure you can guess who that is.  DiNunz also gives a suggestion for the ages of our outro music. 

Enjoy and please share with anyone willing to listen.  Hey, even if it’s just for the Boston interview and free meat!  We don’t mind!

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