Thunder Treats Podcast: Episode 004

For a long time, we have wanted to start a podcast. We figured we had ideas that might differ from the main stream media and decided that we needed to let those ideas be heard. Therefore, each week myself and DiNunzio will be bringing you a brand new episode of our podcast. You can expect it every Wednesday afternoon, after your Hump Day Hottie!

In this weeks episode we touch a little bit on the Super Bowl…the lighting problem, the commercials and the no-call at the end.  Also, we review DiNunz’s stone cold lock prop bet pick.  Also, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has a broken arm and $54 million contract, yet he is dancing shirtless in Vegas and giving wrestling moves…awesome or not?  Lindsey Vonn is now another injured athlete who will need Adrian Peterson like results to get to the Winter Games.  Last but not least we give you the new Douche Bag of the Week! Listen below or you can subscribe to us on iTunes! If the player isn’t working you can go directly to the podcast page! Thanks guys!

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