Thunder Treats Podcast: Episode 002

For a long time, we have wanted to start a podcast. We figured we had ideas that might differ from the main stream media and decided that we needed to let those ideas be heard. Therefore, each week myself and DiNunzio will be bringing you a brand new episode of our podcast. You can expect it every Wednesday afternoon, after your Hump Day Hottie!

We are still getting the hang of doing a podcast so if our production skills are lacking, give us a break.  We promise we’ll get better!  Our main focus on episode 002 was the Manti Te’o saga.  In fact, DiLo drops his own conspiracy theory about the whole situation and DiNunz makes a BOLD statement about his draft status!  We talk about Tim Brown and Jerry Rice accusing their head coach Bill Callahan of “sabotaging” Super Bowl XXVII and defend the honor of our girl, Erin Andrews.

Of course, since it is the anniversary of Hulk Hogan beating The Iron Sheik for his first WWF Championship, we had to read some Tweets from The Sheik himself.  Listen below or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!! Thanks!

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