Thunder Treats Podcast Ep150: 3 Day Moral Hangover, Tiger Woods Future Plans & Someone Should Put Curry Into The Scorer’s Table

Welcome to the 150TH EPISODE OF THE THUNDER TREATS PODCAST! Finally. God. It feels like we have been in the 140’s since last summer. It’s going to be all downhill from here now, folks.

We have been going bi-weekly lately because our schedules have become hectic. I don’t want to say for sure that is going to be the case going forward, but it might be. Deal with, ok?

This ep…

  • 3 day moral hangover
  • Top pop
  • Bellator
  • What will Tiger do?
  • Suck it up, LeBron
  • DiNunz took his 9 year old to see Deadpool

All that and more! Here’s the song we went out on. A little diddy by Calloway from way back when.

All that and more on this week’s ep! You can find us on iTunes or use the player below or to the right. You can also hit our Buzzsprout site as well.

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