Thunder Treats Podcast Ep145: Browns Won, Warriors Lost, Jose Aldo Really Lost, Ohio/Florida Venn Diagram & Squirrel Orgy

Welcome to episode 145 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We partied this weekend and DiNunz may or may not have witnessed squirrels gang raping another squirrel. Riveting stuff.

  • Weekend at Monks
  • Spanish Christmas Sweater Party
  • Browns won. Like, for real.
  • The Warriors finally lost
  • We finally have a Florida/Ohio story to link the two together
  • 2015 News Bloopers
  • Squirrel Orgies

The song to take you out is Kygo at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert with 80’s band A-ha. Enjoy!

All that and more on this week’s ep! You can find us on iTunes or use the player below or to the right. You can also hit our Buzzsprout site as well.

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