Thunder Treats Podcast Ep142: Lydell Had To Explain What Black Friday Was To Someone

Welcome to episode 142 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We realized something when we were drunk this weekend. We would rather talk about whatever the hell we want than have a set agenda of strictly sports and entertainment. Therefore, we winged (wung?) the shit out of this episode and ended up with nearly 40 minutes of awesomeness, depending on who you talk to.

  • Lydell had to explain Black Friday to someone
  • Some NFL talk
  • Some Ohio State Football chatter
  • DiNunz product review
  • Adele is cool
  • People upset there isn’t an easy way to lose weight
  • The Top 10 Rappers list from Billboard is absolutely awful.

All that and more on this week’s ep! You can find us on iTunes or use the player below or to the right. You can also hit our Buzzsprout site as well.

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