Thunder Treats Podcast Ep137: Youngstown On Bar Rescue, Browns Suck, Michigan Ending, Buckeyes Roll, MLB Playoffs & Cavaliers Winless In Preseason

Welcome to episode 137 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! Youngstown was on the silver screen last night on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue and it was a treat, to say the least. The Browns still suck and the Buckeyes are still undefeated, so the weekend wasn’t a total waste. We covered a bunch of other stuff today too. Check it out below!

  • Indianapolis Colts had an interesting fake punt
  • The Browns are terrible and their coaches are pu**ies
  • Johnny Manziel in trouble again
  • Mets and Royals are up 2-0 in their series’
  • Bautista flipped the shit out of a bat
  • NHL is underway
  • Cavaliers are winless this preseason
  • Lamar Odom let the party get the best of him
  • Michigan vs. Michigan State had an interesting ending

At the request of DiNunz, we went out on OMI’s “Cheerleader.”

All that and more on this week’s ep! You can find us on iTunes or use the player below or to the right. You can also hit our Buzzsprout site as well.

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