Thunder Treats Podcast 062: Lydell’s Big Press Conference, Drunk Weekend, March Madness, Cougar Madness, Buffalo Bills & Nick Cannon

Welcome to the 62nd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! This past weekend something very special happened. Lydell, DiNunz and myself all went out together and got hammered. Lydell lost the night, and you’ll hear why, while DiNunz and I acted (almost) like adults about the entire night.

March Madness is full swing and there were plenty of upsets during the first weekend of tournament. Obviously, since March Madness is down to their Sweet 16, this means that Thunder Treats Cougar Madness is down to its Sexy 16! And I have to say right now that I don’t have anything against Sofia Vergara, she just got unlucky last year with Gonzaga and this year with Villanova!

In the NFL, it is a sad week for the Buffalo Bills. Long time owner Ralph Wilson passed away this week and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly’s oral cancer is back and he will require surgery.

Also, Nick Cannon made a questionable call by going white face and acting like the quintessential white guy douche bag to promote his new album. In other news, apparently Nick Cannon still makes music.

All that and Lydell getting racially profiled while working…again! Listen below or you can subscribe to us on iTunes! If the player to the right isn’t working you can go directly to the podcast page! If you’re going to listen  on your iPhone, download the Podcast App and search for our beautiful mugs under Thunder Treats Podcast (duh?). Thanks guys!

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