Thunder Treats One Year Anniversary Celebration

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This video was on the way out of Battista’s after dinner, we did this right in front of the entrance to the restaurant.  Jack Potts claimed he could kick DiLo in the face to which DiLo replied “if you think you can get your foot that high, I’ll let you kick me”.  Watch to see what happened next. Enjoy…

On Saturday night, a few of us that reside in Las Vegas decided to go out and celebrate Thunder Treats birthday because we love any excuse there is to go to the italian joint Battista’s Hole in the Wall.  At Battista’s their menus are on the wall and there is crazy shit hanging everywhere.  Mostly it is pictures of celebrities dining there.  The best part of Battista’s is that during your dinner, they serve you free home made red and white wine.  That’s where the shitshow begins.  They do not give you traditional wine glasses but more of a glass that is somewhere in between a shot glass and a rocks glass.  Either way, we don’t sip, we chug.


The common question around the table would be “am I an asshole?” which is code for “pick up your glass and chug you douche”.  After numerous rounds of this, which requires a classic greasing of the busboy for more wine, we are ready to head out.  Within walking distance, thank God, is the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  Usually, The next move is to go to Margaritaville in the Flamingo and drink more while we wait for a song that DiLo can do the worm to.  More times than not, we are home and in bed before 1 and the hangover the next day is nothing short of feeling like getting beat repeatedly in the face with a tennis racket while trying to swallow a barrel of socks.  The move this night was to stop at the Three Card Poker table and play.  Within minutes we were all on fire and when Jack Potts left, DiLo was up about $350…But that didn’t last and DiLo and Zach Attack left the casino about 6am after which the ATM would not give DiLo any more money.  DiLo effectively maxed out the ATM.  This video was on the way out of Batista’s after dinner, we did this right in front of the entrance to the restaurant.  Enjoy…




Friday the 18th wasThunder Treats real one year anniversary, even though we “celebrated” it on Saturday night.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since we decided to start this blog.  We have had many people that contributed and helped shape and mold Thunder Treats into what it is today.  We have had really good success at reaching the masses through’s Hot Clicks page.  We have created friendships all across the blogosphere and continue to grow and reach out to other sites with the goal of growing the Thunder Treats brand while to uncover their content as well.  Twitter has become a staple for not only social networking, but media networking.  You can follow Thunder Treats on twitter by clicking the twitter logo on the left side of the screen. This is an awesome way to learn of news as it happens.  Just this week we learned of Chris Henry’s car accident and Britney Murphy’s sudden death first through twitter rather than traditional outlets.  You can also join the fan page on facebook which updates everyday with the best articles from Thunder Treats.  The next year looks to blow 2009 out of the water at Thunder Treats.  We have a lot planned and are gearing up to start putting together Cougar Madness 10.  Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you continue to enjoy all the humor, women, sports and awesomeness Thunder Treats throws at you.

UPDATE:  Jack Potts reported Sunday morning that he could barely move his hip, knee or shoulder on the left side of his body.  He also reported that it was worth it.  Thanks Potts.


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