Thunder Treats Cereal Challenge


So it’s that time of the year again.  The NFL Draft is over and training camp hasn’t started yet, the MLB All-Star game and festivities are over and the second haul of the season is beginning and basketball free agency is over, thank God, and their Summer Leagues have begun.  It puts us in kind of a sports lull.  There isn’t really a lot to grab our attention for the next few weeks so we decided to spice things up with a March Madness type of post. 

We got to thinking a little while ago about the different cereals that we enjoyed both now as “adults” and when we were younger.  The arguments went flying around the room with everyone having a different opinion.  This is when we decided to narrow it down to the top 32 cereals and let Thunder Nation help us decide.  Think of this as March Madness in July and a way to keep you awake during the sports lull.  To the left of this page, you can vote for the first 8 matchups.  On Wednesday, at around noon, we will tally the votes for these 8 and replace them with the next 8.  Friday night we will take the tally’s from the second set and have the Sweet 16 ready to vote on for Monday.  Thanks for helping us sort out our differences!


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