Thunder Treats Cereal Challenge – West Region


Well the east region votes have been tallied and now we are set for the west region voting to being.  I know I said I would try to do it around noon today, but I got caught up in some other stuff…Hump Day Hottie being one of them.  Anyways, my sincere apologies go out to you.  We will tally the west region votes sometime Friday afternoon and then allow voting for the second round through the weekend into Monday.  Below are the results from the first round of the east region as well as an updated bracket.  The biggest story is 15 seed Raisin Bran pulling out all stops and destroying an Alpha Bits team that may have overlooked the 15 seed. Enjoy..


Corn Pop’s 63.5% over Shredded Wheat 36.5%

Honey Comb 63.6% over Grape Nuts 36.4%

Cheerios 59.1% over Special K 40.9%

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 69.2% over Corn Flakes 30.8%

Trix 82.4% over Kashi 17.6%

Frosted Flakes 73.7% over Golden Grahams 26.3%

Cap’n Crunch 69.2% over Crispix 30.8%

Marshmellow Alpha Bits 40% defeated by Raisin Bran 60%


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