Three Brothers in Minnesota Built a 16-Foot Snow Shark

Trevor, Austin and Connor Bartz are three extremely talented individuals. For the past few years they have been building sculptures out of snow that are not only remarkable, but almost unbelievable.  Especially when you see that only three of them worked on the projects.

During a span of 95 hours this December, the three brothers from Minnesota erected a 16-foot high “Snow Shark” in their parents front yard.  They started on December 3rd and even worked through the night sometimes, with work lights propped up.


The detail in their works is what makes them so incredible. Check out the pictures below of their past works of a Puffer Fish and a Walrus.  Both equally as awesome as the Snow Shark.





With the way winter has been going so far, and how the forecast looks, we can’t wait to see what else these guys come up with this season.

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